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Friday 29 March 2024

2024 Plans

Barring anything significant changing, this year is going to be a very light sailing year, much like last year. Family stuff is the order of things and my fitness needs to improve before the next adventure. Hopefully I can get Louisa in good shape for 2025 and so I'll take my time rather than rushing jobs like painting the deck and fitting the trysail track.   

Tuesday 26 March 2024

Getting ready for launching

A productive day, hampered only by my fitness. Bottom painting finished, deck fittings complete, deck paint progressed but I ran out of steam to finish the cutting in for the grey non-slip areas. Forepeak jet washed and dried ready for stowage. 

The new boot stripe is quite wide but should hide the weed growth. I also checked the mooring and cleared some old lines and brought home the ones worth keeping so that I can clean and repair them. I'll need to make up two new ones. I brought home the tiller for a refurb, the varnish was lifting in places. One more session and I should be ready to go back in.

Monday 18 March 2024

Progress Update

 Boot stripe is painted, two coats of underwater primer and two of black hard racing antifouling. Not as straight as I'd like but various club members were complimentary so all good. White gloss on deck is finished, cockpit needs doing. Grey anti-slip needs doing when the weather allows. Before launch I need to prep the prop and antifoul the hull so getting closer. Forepeak was tackled, white vinegar sloshed everywhere to control the mould. Horrible job but hopefully I am getting it under control. Deck leaks are sorted with re-bedded tracks and starboard window. Coach roof rails are done, a bit more oil and maybe a bit of filler to complete. Cabin table isn't a viable offshore option so I'll revert to my mini table for cup and phone. Cockpit bench slat ties are in on the port side, starboard to do which I'll tackle when I do the mould in the quarter berth. 

Next I need to start loading up for my summer plans and the big job is the mast trysail track which will have to wait until I am afloat. 

Thursday 15 February 2024

Storm Trysail

A new poject, after the weather experienced en route to the Azores in 2022 I have decided to fit a storm trysail. Several times I had to stow the main sail and this should help improve my pointing angle which was 90 degrees off the wind in F8 when the sea state was significant. Having investigated several options for a luff fixing I have opted for a separate track. Using the existing main sail track was an option but the complications of changing sails on a single track in gale conditions put me off. A luff wire running parallel to the mast is also an option but appears to put quite a strain on the mast and gets in the way of the existing luff systems. 

Having found a suitable sail on eBay and bought the hardware from Allen Brothers I will await a warm dry day, there must be one soon! Along with riveting the track I will use Sikaflex 252 and SA 205 primer to adhere the track to the mast. 

Tuesday 19 December 2023

Winter Maintenance on Hold

Having a granddaughter is a joy and a blessing but it comes with risks, each time I visit her I catch the current cold going round the playgroups she is part of. This, along with the miserable weather, has hampered progress on the winter job list. The decks are about 1/3 painted but some of the paint was over a damp deck so needs to be re-done. Work back at home; new handrails, outboard bracket and cabin table, has been put on hold while home renovations take precedence. 

Sunday 8 October 2023

Winter Maintenance

 Louisa is out of the water for some winter maintenance, first time in a few years. I am more nervous about her being on the hard than I ever was when she was on her various moorings.

On the list are painting the deck, painting a boot stripe and some minor works to simplify the electrics and clean the interior. Of the deck fittings that are coming off, only the starboard genoa track is proving difficult to remove. 13 screws, none of which will budge with an impact driver. Next ideas include a pneumatic impact driver and drilling them out!

Tuesday 29 August 2023

Club Cruise to Brightlingsea

 A very pleasant, albeit not enough wind, cruise to Brightlingsea. I sailed round to the Swale from the Medway for an overnight stay. Arrived nice and early so made some bread in my new Omnia oven. It was very nice, better than shop bought! On Saturday I sailed to Brightlingsea and despite the light winds didn't need the engine. Sunday was an ashore day with a curry in the evening. Thoroughly recommend the Raj Massala, Tower Street in Brightlingsea. The food was great and the staff are a bit Fawlty Towers! Monday sail / drift / engine back to the Medway.